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YEREVAN — The Aurora Humanitarian Initiative announced that Armine Afeyan has rejoined its team as executive director. Afeyan previously held the role of director of communications for the Aurora Prize for Awakening Humanity in[...]

YEREVAN — Nominations are now closed for the 2024 Aurora Prize for Awakening Humanity, awarded on behalf of the survivors of the Armenian Genocide and in gratitude to their saviors. The nomination period opened on June 1, 2022, with the[...]

YEREVAN — The Aurora Humanitarian Initiative, dedicated to the promotion of humanitarian activity around the world, has appointed Dame Louise Richardson, president of Carnegie Corporation of New York, to the Selection Committee of the[...]

YEREVAN — On January 26, the Aurora Humanitarian Initiative, in conjunction with the “Scholae Mundi Armenia” Charity Foundation and the American University of Armenia (AUA), hosted a workshop that brought together students and alumni[...]

YEREVAN — On August 19, World Humanitarian Day, the Aurora Humanitarian Initiative announced the designated organizations selected by the 2022 Aurora Humanitarians, one of whom will be named the 2022 Aurora Prize Laureate in Venice,[...]

By Florence Avakian NEW YORK — It was a memorial tribute to an Armenian individual who embodied the best in education, scholarship, compassion and philanthropy. “What a voyage I have been on,” he once wrote. On Wednesday, April 13,[...]

YEREVAN — On April 24, on the Armenian Genocide Remembrance Day, the Aurora Humanitarian Initiative announced the names of the 2022 Aurora Humanitarians, chosen for their exceptional impact, courage and commitment to putting themselves[...]

VENICE — The sixth annual Aurora Prize for Awakening Humanity was awarded this week to Julienne Lusenge, a human rights defender, co-founder of Women’s Solidarity for Inclusive Peace and Development (SOFEPADI) and Fund for[...]

NEW YORK — On June 5, the Aurora Humanitarian Initiative held an Aurora Dialogues Online event titled “Vartan Gregorian. The Aurora Co-Founder,” focused on Vartan Gregorian’s extraordinary life as humanitarian, educator and[...]

By Robert D. McFadden NEW YORK (New York Times) — Vartan Gregorian, the ebullient Armenian immigrant who climbed to pinnacles of academic and philanthropic achievement but took a detour in the 1980s to restore a fading New York Public[...]