Armenian Soldier in Syrian Army Is Killed


ALEPPO, Syria ( — Harut Baghdoyan, an Armenian soldier in the Syrian army, who had been killed during fighting, was laid to rest on August 30.

His funeral service took place in Aleppo’s St. Azdvadzadzin Church.

Baghdoyan, 24, was killed during battles in the southwestern region of Aleppo while serving in the Syrian army. He had been missing for several days before his body was found.

The Armenian neighborhoods of Aleppo had come under rocket attack of the opposition militants on Wednesday, Arevelk reports, quoting sources in Aleppo.

According to the source, the rockets fell in the area adjunct to the Armenian Evangelical Church in Aleppo. The head of the Armenian Evangelical community of Aleppo, Rev. Harutyun Selimyan, confirmed no fatalities were reported.

He said there were children taking exams at the school when the attack happened. “They were lucky to survive,” Selimyan said. He added, however, that the attack had caused serious material damages.

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Other districts of Aleppo were also targeted by militants. Six were killed, dozens

The Armenian Evangelical Bethel College was also damaged, the editor-in-Chief of Gandzasar weekly Zarmik Poghikyan said.

“Several window panes from the upper floor of the college were broken due to the shelling. There are no huge material damages. There are no victims and wounded among Armenians, currently the situation is stable,” Poghikyan said.


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