Genocide Centennial Gold Crosses


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DETROIT — As the month of April approaches, many different mementos are being issued across the globe for the centennial of the Armenian Genocide, including stamps and medals. A new form of commemoration is a set of artistically designed Armenian gold crosses.

They will remind those who predicted that no Armenian would be left alive in the world after one hundred years that their plan failed. The creators of these treasures are fourth generation Armenians, direct descendants of the survivors of the Genocide. The crosses symbolize the determination of continuing generations to pursue justice, as well as the memory of the genocide itself.

Ancient Armenian crosses have been redesigned and produced through state-of-the-art technology to acquire permanence as classical pieces of jewelry embodying the mystery of survival. These technological aspects are as amazing as their spiritual value. The crosses have been carved under magnification and then cast and recast. Each assembly is individually polished and laser welded, making the cross almost transparent and therefore reversible.

Armenian Precious Gifts created a series of six different crosses from the platform of the original cross with a limited run of 100 units of each as homage to the centennial of the Armenian Genocide. The number 100 adorns the rear of the cross, and the front (obverse) traditional floral center has a bolder appearance than the standard cross. Each cross will have gold mined from the soil of the motherland. The major portion of the proceeds of this cross will be donated to the Armenian Genocide Museum and Memorial in Yerevan.

The crosses come in six combinations of Yerevan yellow gold, Spitak white gold or Armenian tufa rose gold. All will ship in a commemorative ancient olive wood box with a beautiful laser inscription. They are available for order at or

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