Nyree Bablanian Creates Signature Style with BabzBling


By Gabriella Gage

Founder and designer of BabzBling, Nyree Bablanian

Mirror-Spectator Staff

SYDNEY, Australia — For BabzBling designer and founder, Nyree Bablanian, the art of jewelry-making is about creativity and personal style.

“I see it as an art form and appreciate that each person has his or her own unique sense of style,” she said.

Bablanian discovered her own talent for jewelry making back in 2010. “What I really fell in love with was the unique techniques that I discovered and taught myself along the way,” she explained.

Bablanian was born and raised in Sydney, Australia. Her parents both immigrated there — her father from Jordan and her mother from Lebanon. Noting her close-knit community, Bablanian said, “The Armenian population in Sydney is small. Although we are not a big community, we are a very close community. I am very proud of my heritage.”

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Bablanian also has a special connection to Boston, “[I lived there] for three years where I met my husband-to-be. Boston will also always be my second home after all it is where BabzBling was founded,” she added.

Bablanian said she takes inspiration from the world around, from nature to people. She added, “My extensive travels have broadened my horizons and I have met wonderful people and come across many hidden treasures. I don’t really make pieces you can find in your local chain stores…BabzBling is all about creating a look that is an original for the wearer.” Hence, BabzBling’s motto, “Life is too short: Make a Statement with BabzBling.”

According to the designer, her materials are also inspired by the beauty in nature. “I love to use crystals, fresh water pearls, glass pearls, and gemstones and pretty much anything that is unique in my eyes. I love charms, you will notice that I use a lot of leaves, flowers and crosses in my designs,” she explained.

The length of time it takes to create a piece depends on the intricacy of the design and the creative process. “For now most of my pieces are one-of-a-kind but down the track I will offer multiples of my designs so that everyone has the opportunity to get their hands on their favorite design.”

So who is the target BabzBling clientele? “We don’t try to target specific age groups because BabzBling has something for women of all ages,” she said, adding that she wants “to appeal universally to all those who appreciate hand crafted jewelry that is unique.”

She describes BabzBling style as “elegant, timeless and statement-making.”

As for the company’s name, she explained, “Growing up my nick-name was always “Babz”, stemming from my last name Bablanian … “Babz” being me and “Bling” being the current term used to describe jewelry.”

For Bablanian, the joys of her work are not just found in the creation of jewelry, but the rewards of sharing her work with others. “What can I say, I am a people-pleaser,” she said.

While headquartered in Sydney, Bablanian’s jewelry has been sold to locations worldwide through her website. She said she hopes to continue to expand her web outreach and find new avenues for sharing her creations with more. “My plans for the future are concentrating on the wedding industry. The response in this sector has been amazing and it is the direction I am heading towards. My focus is to expand beyond jewelry for all the beautiful brides to be out there.”

Bablanian has been named called “Up-and-coming designer from Australia” and was named a top artisan in Western Mass. Women Magazine 2011-2012.

BabzBling ships worldwide. To view the current collections or shop, visit www.babzbling.com or www.facebook.com/babzbling.


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