Zartonk Editor Visits East Coast


BOSTON — Baydzig Kalaydjian, the editor of Zartonk daily, the Armenian Democratic Liberal (ADL) Party’s publication in Lebanon, visited Boston and New York as part of her tour of the US. Kalaydjian was accompanied by Hagop Vartivarian, the ADL Press Committee co-chair.

During her visit to Boston, Kalaydjian met with the editor of the Armenian Mirror-Spectator, Alin K. Gregorian; Dr. Nubar Berberian, secretary of the Tekeyan Cultural Association (TCA) Central Board of Directors; and Kevork Marashlian, executive secretary of the TCA Central Board of Directors. She also visited Hairenik editor ZavenTorikian and the Armenian Revolutionary Federation (ARF) Archives Institute Director Vatche Proudian, as well as Armenian Cultural Foundation Executive Director Ara Ghazarians.

During her visit to Boston, Kalaydjian was feted at a reception held in her honor on Monday, July 16, at the headquarters of the Mirror-Spectator.

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