Armenian Rep. to UN Calls Attention To Misleading Azeri Statements


YEREVAN (PanARMENIAN.Net) — The office of the permanent representative of Nagorno Karabagh Republic to the United States of America reported that Armenia’s ambassador to the United Nations (UN), Garen Nazarian, sent a letter on February 24 to the UN Secretary General, protesting the information put out by Azerbaijan regarding the massacre of civilians 20 years ago by Armenians.

The letter reads as follows:

“I regret to note that the representative of Azerbaijan has once again taken an initiative of circulating misleading and deceptive information related to the tragic events of 1992 in the settlement of Khojalu. This delegation has on numerous occasions issued anti-Armenian propaganda and falsifications on behalf of Azerbaijani authorities relating to those events.

It would be most relevant to recall the appeal of the international community, the European Court of Human Rights and numerous human rights organizations, to release the Azerbaijani journalists and human rights activists who had questioned the version of the Azerbaijani government regarding Khojalu events.

Armenia reiterates its position, according to which progress in the negotiations for the peaceful settlement of the Nagorno Karabagh issue depends, inter alia, on the establishment of tolerance and restraint from hate propaganda. The Azeri initiative does not bode well for such objectives.”

Nazarian requested to the UN secretary general that the present letter and the attached statement of the Foreign Ministry of the Nagorno Karabagh Republic, in response to the letter of the representative of Azerbaijan, be circulated as an official document of the General Assembly, under agenda items 35 and 39, and of the Security Council, the Nagorno Karabagh Ministry of Foreign Affairs press service reported.

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