ADL Members Meet with Archbishop Barsamian in NYC


NEW YORK — A delegation of the Regional Executive of the Eastern United States and Canada of the Armenian Democratic Liberal party (ADL) on Wednesday evening, March 30, met with Archbishop Khajag Barsamian, Primate of the Diocese of the Armenian Church of the Eastern United States at the Diocesan complex here.

The supreme body of the ADL in the US found it appropriate to have a consultative meeting with the Primate in order to examine new challenges to the Armenian religion and diaspora.

The Primate, having newly returned from his long voyage to Europe, Istanbul and Echmiadzin, provided extensive information about the new Diocesan structures of Europe and various developments concerning the latter. Similarly, he presented the attitude of the Istanbul-Armenian community and the Turkish state towards the Armenian Patriarchate of Istanbul. He praised the widespread construction endeavors of the Mother See, whether in Holy Echmiadzin or various regions of the homeland. Barsamian compared the plan of Catholicos of All Armenians Karekin II, in connection with the expansion of the Mother See, to the example of the Vatican.

In referring to the spiritual awakening of the homeland, he said that the Armenian Apostolic faith has already begun to enter communities and families with a quicker momentum, thus becoming an obstacle to the sects which had begun some 20 years ago. He also highly praised the dedication of youth to clerical and spiritual service, which enriches the church with new strength, as well as the publishing activity of the Mother See.

The Primate gave information about some initiatives and events in connection with the commemoration of the 60th birthday of the catholicos.

Barsamian also addressed the topic of church unity. He declared that an openhearted dialogue is continuing between the two sees. While in the first instance he considered the future of an organizational union within the structure of the East Coast of America to be bright and realistic, he assured that the traditional structure would be maintained within this diocese under the patronage of the Mother See.

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The ADL delegation was headed by the ADL District Committee’s Co-Chairman Papken Megerian, who is a member of the Diocesan Council, and included party members Vartan Ilandjian, Krikor Salbashian, Dr. Vaghenag Tarpinian and Hagop Vartivarian, who is chairman of the ADL Press Bureau.

The Primate praised the ADL and its close relationship with the Diocese and various responsible clerical and lay individuals in the latter’s parishes. He particularly praised the Armenian Mirror- Spectator for its quality and ideological service. He also stressed the irreplaceable role the Tekeyan Cultural Association plays within American-Armenian national life.

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