PTO Hosts Successful ADS Alumni Appreciation Day


LOS ANGELES — The Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) of the TCA Arshag Dickranian School (ADS) held its Alumni Appreciation Day on Friday, November 5, at the Taglyan Cultural Complex’s exclusive Reception Hall. The event was the first of the year’s series of celebrations marking the 30th anniversary of the school.

This was the first event of such caliber since the school’s first crop of high school graduates, the Class of 1990. More than 350 graduates have joined their ranks over the years, with the great majority having gone on to higher education and successful careers. Then there are several from among the early alumni whose children are now attending their alma mater.

Upon arrival, the alumni and their guests were greeted by the hosting committee members, thereupon proceeding to meet their schoolmates or childhood teachers, and quickly indulging in conversation kindled with kind memories from early school days.

The hall had a table with assorted appetizers, hot plates, snacks and drinks set up for self service. The organizers had also set up a separate stand where copies of the school yearbooks and publications were on hand to skim through and reminisce their teen years.

PTO Co-Chairperson Houri Taglyan-Kourouyan

PTO Co-Chairperson Houri Taglyan- Kourouyan, herself a member of the Class of 1990, acted as the emcee of the event. She pointed out that the Alumni Appreciation Day was planned to bring the graduates of the past 20 years together under one roof, not only to strengthen their bonds with one another but also with Arshag Dickranian School as well. She then announced the presence of the members of the Board of Trustees, the principal, the faculty, the PTO, the Athletic Committee and this year’s Student Council.

Principal Vartkes Kourouyan then greeted his former students and praised their achievements in life. “Our school has produced so many doctors and lawyers compared to other schools,” he said. “We are very proud of your accomplishments which truly reflect the kind of education you have received at this school.”

High school English teacher Riccardo Rocha along with graduates of 2005, from left, Stepan Aleksanian, Ashot Hovsepian and Serop Koushinian

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Kourouyan also talked about the growth and physical expansion of the campus throughout the years and thanked all the alumni who were supporting the school one way or another. George Mandossian, chairman of the Board of Trustees, also greeted the honorees. He pointed out that at present four school alumni are already serving actively on the Board of Trustees, the PTO and faculty. “Our alumni are the best candidates for such positions and I will be most gratified to see other alumni filling similar roles in the near future,” said Mandossian. Prior to concluding the program portion of the event, Taglyan- Kourouyan announced that the Petros Taglyan family, known for their continued support of the ADS, had agreed to fully undertake the financial sponsorship of the event. She then invited the guests to continue their enjoyment to the late hours of the night.

Located at 1200 North Cahuenga Blvd., Los Angeles, the TCA Arshag Dickranian Armenian School is a federally tax exempt, Pre-K to 12th grade private educational institution. The school’s website is

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