Armenian Revolutionary Federation Bureau Chairman Hagop Der Khatchadurian

ARF of Boston Commemorates Armenian Independence Anniversary


WATERTOWN — The Armenian Revolutionary Federation of Boston invites the members of the community to an in-person event celebrating the 105th anniversary of Armenia’s independence. This free and open event will be held at the Armenian Cultural and Educational Center (47 Nichols Avenue, Watertown) on Friday, May 19, at 7 p.m.

This event, hosted by Nanor Nerkizian, will feature Hagop Der Khatchadurian, the Chairman of the Armenian Revolutionary Federation Bureau and the President of the Armenian National Committee International. The event will also feature performances by the Armenian Youth Chorus of Boston under the directorship of Artur Veranian.

Der Khatchadurian has been a member of the ARF Bureau since 2004, having been elected as the Bureau Chairperson in 2019. Previously, he had served at local, regional, and national levels in New York, Montreal, Laval, Eastern United States, and Canada, respectively. For his longstanding service to the Armenian nation, Catholicos Aram I has awarded him the Cilician Prince title and medal.

Touching upon the momentous occasion of the establishment of the first republic against all odds in those years, Der Khatchadurian will discuss the need for heightened vigilance and renewed esprit de corps on the part of the Armenians worldwide to rise yet again. Today, the Armenian nation, facing enemies from many sides, is at a critical juncture. Setbacks from military, demographic, and diplomatic losses in Artsakh and Armenia have given way to despair and detachment, further compounded by a lack of Armeno-centric policies and leadership by the Armenian authorities. However, the Armenian nation has weathered stronger storms. It must regroup and act now with vigilance and dedication toward restoring the nation’s security and dignity and ensuring its long-term survival.

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