A street scene after the earthquake in Aleppo

WATERTOWN — The recent earthquake in Syria and Turkey was yet another blow to the Armenian population of Aleppo. The Tekeyan Cultural Association (TCA) of the United States and Canada has sent aid to help its sister branch in Aleppo repair some of the recent damage to its center and is conducting additional fundraising for this purpose.

The 12-year war in Syria had already spread devastation throughout the country, especially in the lively commercial city of Aleppo, where the majority of Syrian Armenians lived close together. During the fighting, the TCA building, a center of cultural and social activity, was severely damaged and TCA activities had to temporarily move to a different building to await more favorable times for rebuilding.

Instead, TCA, along with the entire country, was subject to a new blow and further destruction when the recent earthquake struck. Syria is undergoing a severe economic crisis and the once prosperous Armenian community of Aleppo is in need.

Fortunately, the temporary building being used by TCA did not collapse despite the damage caused. However, like other members of the Aleppo community, TCA members remained in the streets, fearing new tremors. In this cold weather, obtaining shelter, warmth and nourishment is problematic.

In view of this unfortunate situation, the TCA of Montreal started a fundraising campaign. The TCA Central Board contributed some funds as well, and $5,000 (US dollars) was transferred to the TCA administration in Aleppo.

The Central Board of the TCA of the United States and Canada is also continuing its campaign for the blockaded Armenians of Artsakh, for whom it has sent $21,200 directly to 212 suffering families.

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Despite the ongoing turmoil in Artsakh, TCA and its supporters cannot ignore our brothers and sisters in Aleppo. The need is great, so we are forced to continue the campaign. All those who wish to support the wounded community of Aleppo can send their donations to the TCA headquarters at the following address: Tekeyan Cultural Association, 755 Mt. Auburn Street, Watertown, MA 02472.

All such sums will be transferred in full to Aleppo to take care of community needs.

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