The French National Assembly during the proposal of the resolution

French National Assembly Votes for an End to Azerbaijan’s Aggression against Armenia


PARIS — On Wednesday, November 30, French National Assembly deputies from all political parties endorsed the French Senate’s November 15 decision by unanimously adopting a resolution allowing the government to act diplomatically. There were 256 votes cast.

Hasmik Tolmajian, Armenian ambassador to France, at the Assembly (screenshot)

Azerbaijan is already protesting against this decision, which condemns the September 2022 attack on the Republic of Armenia and calls for the immediate withdrawal of Azerbaijani forces from the territory of the latter, the immediate repatriation of all Armenian POWs, the protection of Armenian cultural heritage in the territory of Artsakh and Armenia under Azerbaijani control, and economic sanctions against Azerbaijan.

A screenshot of the vote tally

The last three articles of the resolution follow.

“14. Invites the Government to continue its mediation efforts and to continue to mobilize diplomatically so that a permanent solution can be implemented concerning the security of the Armenian population of Nagorno-Karabakh, in accordance with the aforementioned Resolution No. 520 of the National Assembly;

“15. Invites the Government to increase France’s support to the Republic of Armenia, particularly with regard to humanitarian aid, and to study the strengthening of its defense capabilities;

“16. Stresses its unwavering commitment to the search for a lasting peace, which alone will allow for the security and stability of the South Caucasus.”

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