Final Glendale June 2022 Municipal Election Results Tallied


WATERTOWN ( — In the Glendale, California general municipal election of June 7, with eight candidates vying for three seats on the city council, the final election results, greatly affected by mail-in ballots, indicate that two out of three incumbents were among the winners. Dan Brotman came in first place with 15,621 votes, or 19.06 percent and Ara Najarian in third place received 11,881 votes, or 14.5 percent. Elen Asatryan won a seat for the first time, coming in second place with 13,165 votes or 16.06 percent.  Incumbent Vrej Agajanian lost his seat, coming in fourth place with 11,735 votes, or 14.32 percent of the vote.

Elen Asatryan and Dan Brotman are sworn into office on July 12 (photo Elen Asatryan Facebook page)

In other Glendale results, Suzie Abajian beat Greg Krikorian to become the city clerk, while Rafi Manoukian ran unopposed with 100 percent of the votes (24,386) to become the new city treasurer.

New Glendale officials are sworn into office on July 12 (photo Suzie Abajian Facebook page)

One Armenian, Shant Sahakian, was elected to the Glendale Unified School District Board of Education (Trustee Area D), whereas Lerna Amiryans (Trustee Area B) and Armina Gharpetian (Trustee Area C) lost their races.

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