Metakse Hakobyan

Azerbaijani Efforts to Advance Continue in Artsakh


YEREVAN — The actions taking place in Artsakh over the past two days once again speak of the continuation of Azerbaijan’s policy of aggression against Armenians and its undisguised aspirations to expel the latter from Artsakh. For two days now, Azerbaijan has been trying to capture tactical heights from which the Askeran region can be clearly seen, possibly preparing the ground for further, larger-scale offensive operations against Artsakh.

According to information from the individuals contacted below, the situation is still tense: the Azerbaijani side is constantly violating the ceasefire, using artillery and drones. Nevertheless, the Armenian side is able to adequately respond to the enemy, which outnumbers it in number and armament.

Artsakh National Assembly deputy Metakse Hakobyan, a member of the parliamentary opposition Justice Faction, presented the situation, stating that the Artsakh Defense Army is doing the possible and the impossible at the moment. She said, “The enemy is trying to secure its advances, capture the Karaglukh heights and fortify itself there. You no doubt know that Karaglukh has a controlling position over both the Askeran region and the occupied Akna region; that is, the enemy is preparing the ground for further aggression.”

Varuzhan Geghamyan

Turkologist Varuzhan Geghamyan expressed the opinion that the enemy understands only the language of force. He said, “It [intends] to solve a problem – the issue of the expulsion of Armenians from Artsakh. It will not withdraw through direct negotiations.”

Tigran Abrahamyan

Armenian National Assembly deputy Tigran Abrahamyan expressed the opinion that the situation is very difficult, but it is basically up to the Armenians to act. He declared, “I do not know who expects what from Russia, but I think we must solve our problems ourselves. No one will help us if we do not try to take the first step.”

Vardan Mikayelyan, the head of Parukh Village, which was occupied yesterday, also briefly commented: “Everything happened very unexpectedly. We saw how the Azeris suddenly moved forward. At first, we thought that the Russians would stop them, but it did not happen. They captured the village. As for this moment, what can I say? I have already said that the village is occupied and they are trying to advance again. You know the rest. Be well.”

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