Diary of a Dead Man Is Captivating New Novel By Vahé Berberian


LOS ANGELES — Vahe Berberian’s latest novel, Diary of a Dead Man, is a gripping page-turner packed with uncanny twists and hair-raising turns, which tells the story of Armen, a young Armenian grappling with his suffocating present and the demons of his harrowing past.

The 260-page novel takes the reader on a haunting odyssey from the picture-perfect veneers of Los Angeles to the rubble and chaos of war-torn Aleppo and the musty catacombs of Romania, delivering a heart-rending tale prescient to our current times.

Vahe Berberian (film still)

“Every writer ultimately wants to write the book that they want to read. Diary of a Dead Man is the book I have always wanted to read,” says Berberian, about his third novel, which he wrote in English. “It’s a labor of love and I have put my heart and soul into it.”

Playwright, painter, comedian and director, Berberian tells the story of a suicidal attorney from Los Angeles who, while in Aleppo, is entrusted with a mysterious war diary. The tattered diary, written in the 1870s, unearths a Pandora’s Box of family secrets and legacies that threatens to further upend the attorney’s life and identity.

Diary of a Dead Man is a breathtaking odyssey into the dark heart of a man’s forgotten and buried past, unearthing family secrets and devastating histories with an explosive climax.

The book can be purchased on line, by visiting Berberian’s website www.vaheberberian.com/store or from Abril Bookstore in Glendale. For all inquiries contact vaheberberianlive@gmail.com

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