National Security Services Arrests 19 in Alleged Spy Ring in Military


YEREVAN (RFE/RL) — The National Security Service (NSS) reported on February 10 that it has detected and neutralized the activity of the spy network operating in the territory of Armenia.

According to the NSS, foreign special services have set up an agency network in Armenia, which includes people serving in various units of the Armed Forces.

According to the Service, the people who carried out the espionage activities created fake personal pages on social networks posing as Armenian women. After that, the representatives of the foreign special services, who are fluent in the Armenian language, got acquainted with the persons holding different positions in the Armenian Armed Forces, turned the acquaintances into close relations, and then offered to cooperate with them for money, provide information on the military sphere, in particular on the locations of military units, personnel, weapons, ammunition, number and type of military equipment, military units, their command staff, defense zones, engineering structures, equipment, etc.

According to the National Security Service, the persons who carried out espionage activities in the mentioned way involved about two dozen Armenian citizens in the agency network, who officially had the opportunity to get in touch with information and documents constituting state and official secrets.

In exchange for money, the servicemen, through various mobile applications, partially passed on military or other information to the representatives of foreign special services, committing treacherous acts to the detriment of the Republic of Armenia, according to the accusation.

The identities of the Armenian citizens involved in the network have been revealed, the volume and content of other military information has been revealed, and the further transfer of new information for hostile activities has been disrupted, the NSS reports.

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A total of 19 people were arrested on suspicion of high treason during the preliminary investigation of the criminal case, some of whom testified.

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