2021 graduates of the Vahan Tekeyan School of Karbi, Armenia

Sirop and Maro Bedrosian Support Renovation of Tekeyan School Cultural Hall in Karbi, Armenia


KARBI, Armenia – The Vahan Tekeyan School of Karbi, Armenia, is in the process of renovating its cultural hall, where students present their educational knowledge throughout the year to their parents and relatives, as well as the population of the village. This is the only cultural hall in this village, where the inhabitants primarily work in agriculture. Sirop and Maro Bedrosian of Houston, Texas, decided recently to support the renovation of this essential hall once again.

The plaque at the Karbi Tekeyan School stating Tekeyan Cultural Association Sirop and Maro Bedrosian Hall

They are purchasing 120 new chairs for it as well as sponsoring its renovation. In 2004, the school, located in Aragatsotn District, named its cultural hall after the couple when they made a similar gesture of renovating the hall and buying new chairs.

The exterior of the Karbi Tekeyan School with a statue of Vahan Tekeyan

Maro Bedrosian not only serves as treasurer for the Central Board of the Tekeyan Cultural Association of the United States and Canada (TCA), but also has been the project director since its inception in 2001 of the TCA Sponsor a Teacher program, which supports the teachers and staff of four Tekeyan Schools in Armenia, plus a fifth school in Berdzor, Artsakh, which fell to Azerbaijani forces during the recent 44-day Artsakh war. This program provides extra incentive to educators to not emigrate and continue in their jobs despite difficult economic circumstances.

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