President Ilham Aliyev inaugurates foundation of first new residential building in Aghdam

AGHDAM, Karabakh (JAMnews) – “Azerbaijan will continue to strengthen its borders. Some pro-Armenian countries make various statements and the European Parliament adopted a resolution on the basis of false data. These are all meaningless words. The main thing is that we are here and will live on this land forever,” Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev said on May 28, during his visit to the Aghdam region which passed under the control of Azerbaijan as a result of the second Karabakh war.

During his visit, Aliyev laid the foundation for the first residential building in the city of Agdam, which was completely destroyed during the occupation after the first Karabakh war in the early 1990s. He then addressed the local residents.

Below are the main theses of President Aliyev’s speech.

  • At the beginning there were some hopes, but at the last stage there were none. The Armenian leadership has openly declared that the return of the territories is impossible. The negotiation process has actually been completed.
  • The war became inevitable after the military provocations by Armenia in July-August-September 2020.
  • Throughout the 44-day war, the Azerbaijani army did not retreat. There was not a single day when we retreated. In the last days of the war, the Armenian side fell into panic and began to realize its defeat.
  • During the war, Azerbaijan acted with dignity and observed all the rules of conducting military operations. That is why the losses among the civilian population of the Armenian side are minimal. We have never fought against civilians.
  • There is practically no city of Agdam. Only the ruins of the Juma Mosque remained and Armenia only left it because they needed a reference point to adjust the artillery fire, as well as an observation point. The minarets of the mosque served as the latter.
  • From now on, Azerbaijan will develop as a victorious country. Armenia is a losing state. The myth about the Armenian people created by Armenian lobbying organizations has been debunked.
  • This war was not only against the fascist Armenian state, it was a war against fascism. Azerbaijan’s victory proves that the fate of all fascists will be similar to the fate of the Armenians.
  • Unfortunately, even today, Armenia does not stop its provocative actions. If there is even a small threat to the state security of Azerbaijan, the enemy will be destroyed immediately and on the spot.
  • The provocation carried out by the Armenian army in recent days on the Azerbaijani-Armenian border, naturally, could not remain unanswered and we did respond to it.
  • For 30 years, the Armenians have not been able to build a state. This means that these people can only live by taking advantage of the possibilities of the larger states.
  • The current government of Armenia accuses the previous one of not being able to defend their borders and the previous government blames the current one. In fact, both are to blame. They did not think that they would find themselves in such a miserable situation and that they themselves were the cause of all their misfortunes.

● Azerbaijan will continue to strengthen its borders. Nobody can put pressure on us. Some pro-Armenian countries, circles make various statements – let them. The European Parliament has once again adopted a resolution on the basis of false data. The Azerbaijani people should not pay attention to this. These are all meaningless words. The main thing is that today we are here, we are standing here and will live on this land forever.

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