A dehumanizing scene of Armenian prisoners at the Baku park (photo from official website of the president of the Republic of Azerbaijan)

Azerbaijani Park Sculptors Admit Deliberately Making Armenian Figures Ugly


BAKU (azvision.az) – According to an article by Şahane Rehimli in AzVision.az, three sculptors made the wax figures of Armenian military men displayed in Azerbaijan’s new War Trophy Park in Baku. The article includes an interview with two of the sculptors, Rashid Maharramov and Kamran Asadov.

They and Müşfig Heydarov were asked to quickly create 26 figures, which they accomplished in three and a half months. Maharramov explained that he did research about Armenians in the media but did not use the images of actual individuals.

Asadov declared, “We tried to have the images as realistic as possible. We generally try to do something as beautiful as possible. This time it was the opposite. It was a time consuming and difficult process. We prepared them using aquiline nose forms, skull bases absent and other features.”

The two sculptors declined to say how much they were paid for their work.

The following link is to another interview in Azerbaijani of one of the sculptors: https://konkret.az/ermeni-herbcilerin-maketlerini-kim-hazirlayib-video/

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