From Kessab to Watertown: A Modern Saga Now Available on Kindle


WATERTOWN — Ohan Press has released From Kessab to Watertown: A Modern Saga as an e-book on Kindle (at for $4.99. It has been revised and expanded for its 25th anniversary since its original release as a paperback in 1996.

From Kessab to Watertown: A Modern Saga by Hovhannes H. Sarkissian, translated and annotated with additional information by his son, Hagop Sarkissian, is the autobiography of the teacher and writer from Kessab, Turkey (later Syria), noted in his time through his writings in the Armenian press in Beirut, Lebanon, and in America, and a short narrative by Vahan Mamalian, MD; additional accounts by the educator Kevork A. Sarafian, and the lawyer Dickran Boyajian. It contains details of the Armenian Genocide (1909 and 1915) in Kessab, Adana (a former Armenian city in Cilicia), and elsewhere in Cilicia; descriptions of Kessab, Mt. Cassius, the city and the state of Alexandretta (an area alternately belonging to Syria and Turkey); facts about the Armenian Legionnaires in Cilicia and the Kessabtzi volunteers; facts about the Vartanian School of Aintab, St. Paul’s Institute in Darson, School of Religion in Athens, and Near East School of Theology in Beirut. Contains a narrative of the geography and history of the area with pictures, maps, family trees, and bibliography.

Hovhannes H. Sarkissian (1890-1961) was a teacher in various schools in the Middle East and a writer of articles on many subjects, especially history and religion, in Armenian-language newspapers such as Zartonk, Aravod, Baikar, Nor Or, and The Gotchnag.


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