Aris Govjian

Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch Cover-up Ethnic Cleansing


By Aris Govjian

Honest reporting and activism take a back seat when it comes to ethnic cleansing for two major NGOs. Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch, which have branded themselves as being beacons for protecting human rights and ensuring social justice have failed Armenians. While Azerbaijan’s military continues to commit horrific war crimes, such as sexual abuse, mutilating captives, abducting and decapitating Armenian villagers, and posting their actions it to social media – Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch lend their brands and influence to cover up and whitewash the truth. Both organizations have consistently portrayed Azerbaijan as either a victim or an equal party to the horrific war crimes being committed. It is as if they have an interest in continuing the policy of genocide and ethnic cleansing of native Armenians.

Azerbaijan has spent over $2.8 billion to buy positive publicity and relationships in Western media outlets and to make friends among western politicians to portray their dynastic dictatorship in a positive light while they commit a genocide. There is no indication of a decrease in Azerbaijan’s efforts to pay their way to positive reporting and coverage for their government. While most journalists freely report events happening in Armenian populated regions – Azerbaijan’s government prevents journalists from reporting without the guidance of government handlers.

No Amnesty for Native Peoples

Amnesty International has primarily employed the strategy of whitewashing ethnic cleansing by casually calling “both sides” to end the violence – rather than directly condemn the aggressor. In Amnesty International’s December 10, 2020 article, they use the misleading rhetoric that “both sides” need to calm down, in spite of all the torture and beheadings perpetrated against Armenians. The article only contains graphic photo evidence of violence committed by Azerbaijan’s military against Armenian people. In Amnesty International’s October 2, 2020 article, they start the introduction in a way that implies that both Armenia and Azerbaijan are using cluster bombs – however the city that these deadly weapons were used on was populated by Armenians. It has been confirmed that Azerbaijan has been use cluster bombs on Armenian civilians. The team at Amnesty International has chosen to obfuscate the truth to support the perpetrator of the crime. They have failed their mission, and in so doing they have failed humanity. It is ironic that Amnesty International pompously and very proudly displays the following words on their website while simultaneously covering up a seemingly untouchable dictator’s genocidal crime.

“Few would have predicted when we started that torturers would become international outlaws. That most countries would abolish the death penalty. And seemingly untouchable dictators would be made to answer for their crimes.” – Amnesty International

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Perhaps Amnesty International needs a name change to Goebbels Incorporated.

Armenians Have No Right to Live according to Human Rights Watch

On the other hand, Human Rights Watch (HRW) has taken things to the next level by actively promoting propaganda from Azerbaijan’s dictator. While numerous journalists and official footage evidence Azerbaijan’s war crimes, HRW does more than turn a blind eye. The crimes committed by the Azeri military include decapitating young and elderly people, abusing animals, using illegal cluster bombs on homes and churches, and illegal white phosphorus poured over Armenians and forests. In response to all these crimes, Human Rights Watch weaves a narrative where the victims are presented as the perpetrators. In a phrase, Human Rights Watch is inhumane. It seems for every war crime that the Azerbaijani military commits, HRW provides convenient gaslighting articles to paint Armenia as the perpetrator. They continuously quote themselves and only share talking points from the Azerbaijani government throughout their reporting. Even if Azerbaijan’s military bombs maternity hospitals as it has in the war, Human Rights Watch seems to do its best to cover up their crimes.

Unfortunately, the people at Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch have dipped their hands in the blood of innocent people, who have been tortured, sexually abused, and murdered. A population of an estimated 150,000 people are either displaced and left homeless or under threat of being wiped out. Humanity will continue to suffer so long as those who claim to be supporting justice are the ones who are covering up a crime.

Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch must report the truth, apologize for their part in covering up a genocide, and donate humanitarian relief to the native Armenian population. I do not know what political or monetary advantage Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch employees or board members gain by aiding and abetting murder.

(Aris Govjian is a writer and entrepreneur. He enjoys writing fiction as well as historical and philosophical nonfiction. Aris has been a lifelong supporter of various charities and causes, more specifically providing support to impoverished families and children in Armenia. The author is the great great-grandson of the Aris Govjian mentioned in the story Spirits on the Mountain.)

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