Visit to the Şişli Sports Club

Turkish National Assembly Deputies Received in the Sisli Sports Club


ISTANBUL (Jamanak) — A group of deputies belonging to the investigative committee on Human Rights of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey recently visited the Şişli Sports Club.

During the atmosphere created by the Nagorno Karabakh War, these members of parliament have been in contact with the Turkish-Armenian community recently. They have visited various community institutions including the Patriarchate and Surp Prgich National Hospital.

In the same circuit of visits they visited the Şişli Sports Club, where they were welcomed by the chairman of the board, Alen Tekbicaki and his co-workers. Discussions revolved around the effects of the war on the Turkish-Armenian community. In the course of the cordial conversation, the difficulties faced by the Şişli Sports Club also came onto the agenda.

[Translator’s note: Şişli Sports Club in the once heavily-Armenian neighborhood of Şişli was founded in 1946 by Ara Aginian, Krikor Misakian, and Parsegh Gevrekian.]

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