Prof. Israel Charny

Charny Says Majority of Israelis Stand with Armenia


YEREVAN (Armenpress) — Executive-Director of Jerusalem’s Institute on the Holocaust and Genocide, Co-founder and former Chairman of the International Association of Genocide Scholars Israel Charny is confident that the majority of Israelis stand with Armenia and is distressed by the ugly role of his country for selling arms to Azerbaijan.

In an interview this week with Armenpress, Charny said, “Our intellectual community and especially genocide scholars has taken a clear public stand. See for example Haaretz of two days ago for our statement calling on Israel to cease the sale of arms to Azerbaijan. However, in the present chaotic and corrupt state of government in Israel, the normal lines of good influence we had at times in the past are shut down, and we are not genuinely hopeful we can influence this irresponsible and destructive government.”

He added, “In in the past we have had considerable support from our now President Rivlin who is strongly on the side of recognition of the Armenian Genocide, but paradoxically in his illustrious position as president has less influence on the political process than he had as Speaker of the Knesset.

“Turkey under the dictator Erdogan, is clearly a serious threat to the Armenian people and in my judgment also to Israel whom he threatens ominously with his rhetoric about Jerusalem (and who continues his evil persecution of the Kurds in Syria–for he is clearly a killer).”

He said he was hopeful that Israel will change its ways. “I have no doubt that the natural majority of Israelis are with Armenia and deeply distressed by our ugly role in not limiting any arms sold to Azerbaijan from being used in any way against Armenia.’’


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