Armenian American Medical Association of Greater Boston Goes Virtual


BOSTON — As the COVID-19 pandemic has spread across the world, and up-ended everyone’s daily lives, it has become paramount to the Armenian American Medical Association (AAMA) of Greater Boston to play an important role in mitigating the effects of the virus on the Armenian population in New England.

The AAMA board, in collaboration with the AGBU New England District, got together and developed a webinar series on the Corona pandemic that was open to the general public.

The first event was held on Saturday, April 11, and was moderated by Dr. Vatche Minassian, with the participation of Doctors Sally Vanerian, Armineh Mirzabegian and Armen Arslanian. The topics covered during the first webinar included information on the virus, its epidemiology, the way it spreads, symptoms of disease, prevention, quarantine, treatment, and public health impact of the disease.

The second event was held on Saturday, April 25, which was simultaneously broadcast live both as a webinar where participants had to register to attend, as well as a live feed through the AGBU Facebook page. Dr. Shant Parseghian moderated the program, with the participation of Doctors Anush Sahakian and Shant Broukian, as well as Nancy Barsamian, RN. The topics covered during the second webinar included the impact of the virus on the health of patients with severe disease as they get evaluated in the emergency room, and their course as they receive treatment in the hospital including the ICU. Finally, Barsamian covered the impact of the virus on nursing homes, in general, and the Armenian Nursing and Rehabilitation Center in Jamaica Plain, in particular.

The third webinar is scheduled for Friday, May 8, 8-9 p.m. and will be moderated by Dr. Rosalynn Nazarian. The first topic to be covered by Dr. Louis M Najarian during this event will be the psychological impact of social isolation due to the pandemic on the family life including children. The second invited speaker will be Dr. Vicken Sepilian who heads AMIC (Armenian Medical International Committee) and who has been active in evaluating and coordinating international efforts to help the Armenian government deal with the Corona pandemic’s effect on Armenia and Artsakh. The two speakers will be joined by Joanne Ricardelli, a nutritionist and fitness trainer, who will address how to stay fit and healthy during social isolation.

The goal of the AAMA is to continue with its mission of educating the public with the health impacts of the Corona virus and other general medical conditions on the lives of the community we serve in the Greater Boston area.

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