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Premiere of ‘One Province, One Song’ Project on YouTube


YEREVAN — On November 11, the first episode of the “One Province, One Song” project by Argentine-Armenian singer-songwriter Alin Demirdjian was released. After this first episode, a new one will be released every Monday on Demirdjian’s YouTube channel:

The videos are a musical tour of Armenia and Artsakh, each one with its identity and its musical style: diverse styles of music, different local artists and variety of landscapes and customs. Every Monday a new song to discover a new region of the beautiful and interesting Armenian lands. Detailed information about each song, each band and each province can be found in the description of each video on YouTube.

In traditional costume in Armenia

Demirdjian is an Argentinian-Armenian singer-songwriter. She has two solo albums with her own songs in Spanish, and she has also been part of different Argentinian and Armenian musical projects in Buenos Aires. She is always curious about different artists and places, and most of the time she is touring around Argentinian provinces, singing and meeting new local artists.

That’s why last year while she was visiting Armenia for the fourth time, she had the idea to do the same in Armenia and Artsakh, and she developed a project called “One Province, One Song, which she is carrying out with the support of Birthright Armenia organization, My Step Foundation and AGBU Armenia.

The project is aimed to share the current musical scene of Armenia and Artsakh while showing it’s landscapes and traditions. It consists of exploring every province and searching for a local musician or a band with whom she can sing a song in Armenian and record a music video.

Regarding  the songs, the goal is to record artists of all ages, styles, -both in traditional and modern genres. All videos will be filmed on-site and, later on, edited and shared individually (in YouTube and all social media platforms) as episodes. In total there will be 19 episodes (all regions of Armenia and Artsakh + its capitals Yerevan and Stepanakert) which will be published every Monday Demirdjian’s YouTube channel:

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The tour began on August 2019 and ended in September. To discover the adventures of Alin and her team on social networks visit her Instagram Stories Highlights:

The months before her trip to Armenia, Alin offered concerts and informative talks in the 7 Armenian schools of Buenos Aires, in 2 Armenian schools and in 2 scout groups of Uruguay, and with the Armenian youth of Chile. The main objective is to involve young people in the project, so that they can be more connected to the current situation in Armenia and Artsakh, through their music and their provinces.

Demirdjian is a singer-songwriter from Buenos Aires, who composes and sings songs accompanied by guitar from a very young age. In December 2014 she released her first album with her band called “Buscando el Ámbar” with all the songs she wrote: a selection of songs that described her as an artist and defined her original musical proposal. In 2017 she released her second solo album titled “De Leones y Deshielos.” This album was officially presented at the “Sala Siranush” in Buenos Aires. In November 2018 she released a new single, Hola.

During these years the singer-songwriter has been invited to sing with artists across South America and Armenia.

Singing in Armenia

The artist is also part of the music duo for children in the Armenian language called “Alin & Talin” with Talín Leylek, created in 2012. The duo released an album with some songs of their own and others of the popular songbook. Alin & Talin gave numerous concerts in a large number of Armenian institutions in South America, in theaters, and also participated in festivals such as the “Buenos Aires Celebra” organized by the government of the city of Buenos Aires and the “Homage to Father Komitas” organized by AGBU, among others.

During 2009 and 2010 she was also part of a duo of Argentine folk music with Mariano Zagari. The duo played in several traditional “peñas” of the city of Buenos Aires and surroundings.

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