Earthquake Anniversary Marked on December 7


YEREVAN — Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan on December 7 visited the Lori region on the 31st anniversary of the 1988 earthquake.

The first stop of the prime minister’s visit was the village of Shirakamut (Nalband), Lori region, the epicenter of the devastating 1988 earthquake. Nikol Pashinyan paid tribute to the memory of the innocent victims of the earthquake and laid a wreath at the monument-khachkar located near the Shirakamut municipality.

From there he headed to Spitak where he participated in the Spitak Monuments Park commemoration and to lay a wreath at their wreaths. He then attended the inauguration of the bust of Armenian national hero, American-Armenian benefactor Kirk Kerkorian. Artist Levon Tokmajyan had donated the bust of Kerkorian to the city. The prime minister also laid flowers at the khachkar dedicated to the memory of the Japanese earthquake and tsunami victims at the Spitak Monument Alley and in 2016. The monument-khachkar dedicated to the victims of the April war. Pashinyan visited the Holy Resurrection Church of Spitak and lit a candle in memory of 1988 victims.

Pashinyan then visited the Lernantsk community and participated in the opening of new housing for local residents. Within the framework of the Disaster Zone State Housing Program, eight apartments were built by the Fuller Center for Charitable Non-Governmental Organizations at the expense of government funding. Pashinyan congratulated the residents of the mountain passes on housing, wished them success and progress, noting that the government was consistent in resolving the disaster zone housing problem. According to the government’s decision, another 24 high-quality housing construction has started, 4 of which are again in the Lernantsk community.

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