Turkish Minister of Interior Visits Armenian Patriarchate of Constantinople


ISTANBUL (news.am) — Turkish Minister of the Interior Süleyman Soylu on May 14 visited the Armenian Patriarchate of Constantinople.

As reports Istanbul’s Agos Armenian newspaper, members of the Patriarchate’s religious assembly, including Archbishop Aram Ateshyan and chairman of the board of trustees of Surp Prkich Armenian Hospital Bedros Shirinoglu were at the Patriarchate during the Turkish minister’s visit.

Later, Bedros Shirinoglu declared that Deputy Patriarch of Constantinople, Archbishop Aram Ateshyan agreed to hold the elections of the Patriarch and that it was decided to hold the elections on June 24.

On April 29, the religious assembly of the Armenian Patriarchate decided that there was no need to elect a vicar and that there was only a need for the elections of a Patriarch.

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