Italy Parliament Debating Measure on Recognition of Armenian Genocide


ROME (Armenpress) — A motion to recognize the Armenian Genocide is being debated in the Italian Chamber of Deputies, according to which the country’s government will be obliged to officially recognize it and give an international assessment, reported on April 9.

According to the report, the measure has caused Massimo Gaiani, Ambassador of Italy to Ankara, to be summoned to the Turkish Foreign Ministry.

The heads of the Chamber of Deputies of Italy expressed hope that the adoption of the Armenian Genocide recognition initiative will lead to peace between the Armenian and Turkish peoples.

According to them, the purpose of the initiative is first of all to pay tribute to the victims of the crime.

The website notes that on April 8 Italy’s Deputy PM Matteo Salvini made clear assessments over Turkey. “Turkey is not and will never be Europe. The membership process must be halted, it must be stopped completely. As far as I know, Turkey will never ever enter the EU,” said Salvini.

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