Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan with President Hassan Rouhani

Pashinyan Visits Iran for High-Level Talks, Receives Warm Welcome from Local Armenian Community


TEHRAN (Armenpress) — Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan visited Iran on February 27 and 28, where he met with high officials and Armenian-Iranians. Iranian President Hassan Rouhani received Pashinyan at the Saadabad Royal Palace in Tehran.

Rouhani thanked Pashinyan for accepting the invitation and visiting Iran. “Welcome to Iran. I congratulate you on the changes that took place in Armenia that were demonstrated through a democratic way. Our historic relations have always been friendly and we want to further strengthen and develop them. Iran is always willing to have good relations and continue these relations with neighbors, namely with Armenia. I am sure that your visit to Iran will contribute to further developing the bilateral political, economic and humanitarian relations,” Rouhani said.

Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan with President Hassan Rouhani and Ayatollah Khamenei

Pashinyan thanked the Iranian president for the invitation and the warm reception, and said: “Iran is close to our country not only in terms of geography, but also friendly relations, and we’ve had numerous occasions to emphasize the importance of these ties. Highly important changes are taking place in Armenia, which are entirely domestic processes, and no foreign power has been involved in our country’s political processes. This is a principled point for understanding the processes that have taken place. I am sure that new opportunities have opened also in terms of our relations, and we have political will to realize them.”

Pashinyan emphasized that this was his third visit to Iran, the first time coming as a reporter, the second as a lawmaker.

Pashinyan noted the warm attitude toward the Armenian community in Iran.

“This too strengthens our friendly attitude towards Iran. During our one-on-one meeting we discussed important issues, I hope that we will be able to reach the solution of a part of these issues during this visit,” he said.

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While visiting Tehran, and later Isfahan, he received a warm reception from thousands of Armenian Iranians.

Prime Minister Pashinyan takes a selfie with thousands of Armenians gathered at the Ararat Center in Tehran

Rouhani expressed certainty that both sides’ political will is sufficient in order for Armenian-Iranian relations to continue strengthening.

The sides expressed certainty that not only will Armenia and Iran maintain the high-level ties based on mutual trust in the future, but will also enhance and deepen them.

Speaking about the bilateral economic agenda, Pashinyan and Rouhani highlighted the construction project of the third 400KW Iran-Armenia power transmission line, which will enable enhancing electricity and gas exchange volumes between the two countries, thus contributing to the development of economic relations and expansion of regional cooperation in this sector.

Pashinyan and Rouhani also attached importance to the realization of the Meghri HPP project and agreed to take practical steps in this direction soon.

The sides concurred that the bilateral trade turnover volumes aren’t as high as the level of political relations. They said that both countries should do their best for enhancing bilateral trade volumes and boosting mutual investments.

In this context, Pashinyan spoke about the Armenian government’s actions that are aimed at making the investment climate more favorable and attractive.

In terms of boosting bilateral and regional commercial ties, the sides attached importance to the ratification of the Eurasian Economic Union-Iran agreement by parliaments. Pashinyan and Rouhani expressed conviction that this deal will create new opportunities for maximally boosting trade-economic relations between Armenia and Iran. They said it would be useful to conduct exhibition fairs of Armenian and Iranian products and organize business forums in Tehran and Yerevan after the agreement enters into force completely.

The development of international transportation corridors was highlighted as an important sector of cooperation, as well as the possible participation of the Iranian side in the construction of individual sections of the North-South Road Corridor in Armenia.

At the end of the meeting the Armenian and Iranian leaders tasked their cabinet members to continue active discussions in accordance to sectors in order to have concrete agreements until the upcoming inter-governmental sitting.

On February 28 he visited Isfahan, where he met with the Governor and representatives of the Armenian community.

Pashinyan met with the Supreme Leader of Iran Ayatollah Khamenei in the sidelines of his official visit to Iran.

During the meeting in warm atmosphere Pashinyan referred to the political developments in Armenia and the popular revolution.

The Supreme Leader of Iran noted that he attentive followed developments in Armenia, which were peaceful and in line with democratic rules.

Pashinyan and Ayatollah Khamenei agreed that the comprehensive and lasting settlement of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict is possible only through peaceful means.

Armenian leading telecommunications company Ucom has  signed a memorandum of cooperation with Iran and Qatar, according to which internet transit channel will be created linking the Gulf and Asian states with Europe. The new channel will be an alternative to the currently operating channel passing through sea. The new one will pass through Armenia, bypassing Turkey and Azerbaijan.

Anna Hakobyan, spouse of Armenia’s prime minister, visited the Araks Armenian National School in Tehran during the visit to Iran. Hakobyan was accompanied by the wife of Armenia’s ambassador to Iran Anahit Tumanyan.

During the tour Hakobyan got acquainted with the school conditions, talked to the students and teachers.

The Armenian prime minister’s spouse recommended the school children to use their time right, read a lot and study well. “He who has a lot of knowledge benefits in life. This knowledge will always help you at all stages of life,” Anna Hakobyan said.

During the Tehran visit Anna Hakobyan also met with Parvin Dadandish, the wife of the chief of staff of Iran’s president.

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