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Armenia to Host International Forum in October 2019


YEREVAN — The first Aurora Forum will take place in Yerevan, Armenia on October 14-21. The forum will bring together leading authorities on social, scientific-technological, educational and humanitarian innovation, marking the first program of its kind in the region.

The weeklong series of activities will provide an opportunity for thought leaders to compare best practices, lessons learned and, in some cases, disruptive thinking around issues ranging from infrastructure challenges to healthcare breakthroughs to women’s empowerment.

The events will include the fourth Aurora Prize Ceremony, the second Global Innovation Forum, an educational forum and series of open lectures to celebrate the fifth anniversary of the United World College (UWC) Dilijan, and a set of roundtables and cultural activities. The week will culminate in a grand closing concert event in Yerevan.

“The Aurora Forum has the potential to serve as a bridge between international progress and local developments with measurable impact. But that potential can only be advanced with the participation of change-makers who share Aurora’s vision through their own global deeds,” said Vartan Gregorian, co-founder of the Aurora Humanitarian Initiative.

The Aurora Forum will be powered by partner institutions with a shared vision:

* FAST, established in 2017, harnesses scientific, technological, and financial resources within national and international communities to advance Armenia as a nation with a thriving ecosystem in STEM-related sector;

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* Scholae Mundi Global Educational Platform promotes education through the United World College system, including and especially at the United World College Dilijan;

* IDeA Foundation committed to transitioning Armenians from survival to prosperity through long-term infrastructure and development projects that aim to strengthen Armenia and enable it to make a lasting contribution to the world;

* Aurora Humanitarian Initiative and its internationally recognized The Aurora Prize for Awakening Humanity, which empowers modern day heroes and recognizes the exceptional impact their actions have made on preserving human life.

The combined capacities and efforts of these groundbreaking organizations will be supported by the commitment of the Aurora Forum’s Goodwill Ambassadors—100 plus luminaries from business, civil society, and academia, who volunteer their services to advance the goals of establishing Armenia as a regional humanitarian, educational, technological, social, and cultural hub.

Working together, all the organizations and the individuals involved with the Aurora Forum will strengthen the prospects of achieving a meaningful and sustainable national and global change.

“The Aurora Forum is based on our belief that global Armenians and all global citizens who aspire to tackle the world’s most-pressing challenges, can do so by embracing the best in humanitarian, educational and technological practices to make lasting advances in social, cultural, and scientific spheres,” said Noubar Afeyan, Co-Founder of the Aurora Humanitarian Initiative. “We hope that the Aurora Forum will engage international networks and also allow new linkages to be made for maximum impact.”

“The Aurora Humanitarian Initiative is a respected presence among humanitarians who see the impact of the Initiative’s work to protect children, above all. But the Armenian presence on the global stage stretches into every sector, and every arena. The Aurora Forum will further promote and expand the Gratitude in Action concept by bringing together leaders and innovators from various fields to inspire and be inspired by others. What started as a story of thankfulness of 100 people whose ancestors were saved during the Armenian Genocide, has become a global movement showing the world that humanity can be better,” explained Ruben Vardanyan, Co-Founder of the Aurora Humanitarian Initiative.

The October 2019 Aurora Forum events will be held across Armenia with major events in cities from north to south.

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