TUMO Fundraising for Center in Koghb


KOGHB, Armenia – The TUMO Center for Creative Technologies and the Koghb Foundation have launched a fundraising effort to build a TUMO center in Koghb.

TUMO CEO Marie Lou Papazian declared: “At TUMO, our mission is to give every teen in Armenia access to a 21st-century skillset at the intersection of technology and design. Our next step in meeting that objective is to establish TUMO Koghb, our fifth Armenian center.”

Koghb is a town on Armenia’s northeastern border in the Tavush province. It is easily accessible from neighboring villages and towns such as Noyemberyan and Berdavan. TUMO Dilijan, which was founded in 2014, is in a different part of Tavush Province. Thus, the establishment of TUMO Koghb makes a center accessible to students in the remainder of the region.

The establishment of a TUMO center in Koghb was initiated by the Koghb Foundation for Education, Culture and Sports and by the TUMO Center for Creative Technologies, with support from the JHM Foundation, Boghos Egsertsian, Grigor Simsiroghlu, Nshan Devedjyan, Ucom, and Mission Enfance.

Construction of TUMO Koghb began in July 2017 and is scheduled to be completed by 2020. It will open its doors free of charge to up to 1,000 teenagers living in Koghb and neighboring towns. The building will be a multi-purpose facility, equipped with state-of-the-art technology. Students will have access to self-learning stations, workshop rooms, a recording studio, a movie theater and sports facilities.

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The learning program at TUMO Koghb will be the same as the other four existing Armenian TUMO centers: https://tumo.org/en/education-program/ The TUMO program covers 14 learning targets: Animation, Game Development, Filmmaking, Web Development, Music, Writing, Drawing, Graphic Design, 3D Modeling, Computer Programming, Robotics, Motion Graphics, Photography and New Media. It is made up of autonomous activities supported by coaches, alternating with hands-on workshops taught by the center’s specialized staff, and project labs led by industry leaders from across the globe. Teens combine the TUMO learning targets into personal learning paths that are automatically generated and dynamically updated, adapting to the evolving preferences and rate of progress of each student. Soft skills including teamwork, initiative-taking, empathy and effective communication are built into the educational program along with the technical skills and know-how specific of the areas of instruction.

There are no students cohorts at TUMO – students of all ages, social background and interests work together at various times in different workshops and labs; no entrance exams, requirements or fees – all applicants are accepted free of charge; no grades – students do not compete with each other, but are rather motivated to gain access to their favorite workshops and labs, and to level up, as they would in a video game; and no certificate of completion – instead, each student’s work is automatically uploaded to their online portfolio, which becomes their “living diploma.”

TUMO and the Koghb Foundation have secured $3,070,000 of the $4,270,000 needed to open the Koghb center and cover the first ten years of its operating costs. TUMO still needs $1,200,000 to complete the construction of the center and ensure that it fosters the maximum development of youth in Armenia’s border towns, but is starting with a modest $100,000 goal as the first step.

Donations can be made online at tumo.org/donate.

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