Gen. Manvel Grigoryan

Jailed General ‘Willing’ to Donate $12 million in Land and Property to State


YEREVAN (Armenpress) — Member of Parliament Manvel Grigoryan, the lawmaker currently in pre-trial detention suspected of massive embezzlement and fraud, has expressed willingness to donate nearly 330 hectares of land to the state.

The land is part of a company owned by Grigoryan in Aknalich, a village in the province of Armavir.

“The representative of Manvel Grigoryan has sent a document to our committee stating that he [Grigoryan] is willing to donate territory without any obligations. I don’t possess other details, since the agreement is under the authority of the other deputy chairman of the department,” Sergo Atanesyan, deputy chairman of the State Property Management Department said.

The other deputy, Gevorg Loretsyan, confirmed the report.

“We will organize the process of receiving the property as defined by procedures,” he said.

Loretsyan said the land includes 5500 square meters of buildings and is worth roughly 6 billion drams (around $12 million).

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Grigoryan, a retired army general, has been in custody since July 19. At the time of his arrest he also served as president of the Yerkrapah Union of Volunteers, but was later ousted by the board of the organization amid highly scandalous accusations.

Law enforcement agencies found a private zoo, a car collection, huge amounts of weapons and ammunition, as well as embezzled military supplies and donations in his compound.


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