Lilit Keheyan and Nikol Aghababyan

Tekeyan Hosts Artist Aghababyan in Glendale


By Anahit Tovmasyan

Special to the Mirror-Spectator

A Nikol Aghababyan painting

GLENDALE — On Friday, February 23, the Tekeyan Cultural Association of Greater Los Angeles presented artist Nikol Aghababyan and his works at the Glendale Central Library.

Parsegh Kartalian, vice chairman of the Tekeyan chapter, presented the opening remarks which were followed by an introduction of the artist by Lilit Keheyan.

Aghababyan proceeded to speak about his art and the process of creativity he goes through. For him, color gives flavor to life and without it, humanity would be reduced. He explained that for him, vibrant colors bring out the emotions of life.

Aghababyan spoke with authority on the topic of art with a great deal of originality. His works have been exhibited throughout France, Germany, Italy, Russia and other nations. The response to his shows has been positive. In addition, he recently spoke about art at San Jose State University.

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The most inspiring part of the program consisted of a slideshow depicting the numerous magnificent works of art by Aghababyan completed in 2016 and 2017. The scenes showed the beautiful seasons of Armenia and the rich landscape. Flowers, meadows, streams, lakes, trees, waterfalls, village life, Mt. Ararat — all were captured on canvas.

Tranquility is another way to describe the paintings. Aghababyan stated that “a painting should bring out the best in people. Yes, there’s evil in the world but it has no place in my world of painting.” He credits Mardiros Sarian as an influence.

A question-and-answer period followed the slideshow.


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