Code-Teaching App SoloLearn Wins FbStart Apps of the Year Competition


YEREVAN (Tech Crunch) — Facebook has announced its “FbStart Apps of the Year”, which is an event which recognizes the most successful apps from the global FbStart program. This year’s Grand Prize winner is SoloLearn (iOS/Android] which is a free mobile-first app for anyone who wants to learn how to code.

SoloLearn’s CTO and Co-founder Davit Kocharyan came up with the idea for the app in his native Armenia, where most of their team is based, to teach coding to the local population.

The app’s idea is to educate members through game mechanics, peer-to-peer sharing, and user-generated content. SoloLearn community members compete in head-to-head challenges and unlock hidden lessons. It offers 12 free courses, including JavaScript, Swift, Python, C++, and HTML/CSS.

Yeva Hyusyan, CEO and co-founder of SoloLearn said app had hit two major milestones. She said the first is that it’s turned into the “friendliest” community of peer learners. “You get an answer from your peers in our Q&A forum within minutes; we have over half a million public codes on SoloLearn today that are used as a great peer-to-peer learning tool; tens of thousands interactive peer-to-peer challenges are completed daily,” she said.

The second is that users are generating content themselves.

The app has also gotten more traction, with more than 5+ million profiled learners; 1.5 million quizzes completed daily; three codes are compiled every second; and more than 1,000 answers are published every day. Some 25 percent of users are based in India, 25 percent in the US, and the rest are spread across Europe.

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Developers participated in FbStart for the chance to win up to $100,000 in prizes to help scale their business. The event got 900 submissions from 87 countries.

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