Armenian Assembly of America Features Author Robert Aram Kaloosdian at Boston Holiday Reception


ARLINGTON, Mass. — Earlier this month, the New England Regional Council of the Armenian Assembly of America hosted the Annual Holiday Reception featuring a book presentation and signing by Assembly board of trustees vice chairman and counselor Robert Aram Kaloosdian, author of Tadem My Father’s Village, Extinguished During the 1915 Armenian Genocide at the Armenian Cultural Foundation.

The program began with opening remarks by Assembly board member Lu Ann Ohanian who welcomed the audience to the event. Following Ohanian, Assembly board president Carolyn Mugar introduced Kaloosdian commending his tireless dedication and work on behalf of the Armenian people.

Kaloosdian’s work, which differs from other Armenian Genocide narratives, serves as a microanalysis of a specific village named Tadem. Kaloosdian’s non-fiction book is about real people and events that occurred during the Armenian Genocide throughout the Armenian provinces of eastern Turkey. His work comprises a collective history of eyewitnesses told with extraordinary detail in order to preserve the memory of Tadem. This particular village may not have been in a war zone, but its disappearance stands as a testament that religious hatred and racial prejudice can be more destructive than weapons of war.

“Originally I chose Day Is Done, as the title of the book, which invokes the lyrics of Taps performed at military funerals. At the very end of my writing I shared the title with my family, and my granddaughter turned to me and said ‘but grandpa, it’s not done.’ She said ‘for me you have made Tadem come alive and I will forever know Tadem.’ She had a sort of reverse analysis and that was truly inspiring for me,” Kaloosdian said during his presentation.


Assembly board co-chairman Van Krikorian concluded the presentation by acknowledging members and supporters in the audience. He thanked them for their steadfast support and for helping the Assembly advocate on behalf of the Armenian American community.

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Following the presentation Kaloosdian provided and signed copies of his books for the guests.


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