Lessons about Armenian Genocide Included in Curriculum of France


2000px-Civil_and_Naval_Ensign_of_France.svgPARIS (Armenpress) — Lessons about the Armenian Genocide have been included in the third-grade curriculum in France.

The publication Nouvelles d’Arménie reported that the Armenian Genocide has been included in the lesson about World War I. Le Monde notes that in the third grade pupils are given a possibility to understand modern world. That will allow them to familiarize themselves with the crisis Europe and the world had to face as well as social and political changes it had caused. Le Monde adds that the tortures the warriors and peaceful population had to endure were especially mighty during the Armenian Genocide in 1915. Le Monde also notes that France’s Education Minister Najat Vallaud­Belkacem was able to successfully resist the lobbying of Ankara and its Ambassador to France Professor Pierre Nora. Their aim was to remove the lessons about the Armenian Genocide from the French school curriculum.


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