Guedigian, Papasian Walk the Cannes Red Carpet


CANNES, France — Gerald Papasian walked the red carpet in Cannes with French-Armenian filmmaker Robert Guediguian and the rest of the talented crew of Guedigian’s new film “Une Histoire de Fou” (Don’t tell me the boy was mad).

The film treats the difficult and most delicate subject of the ASALA bombings in Europe during the 80s in a most intelligent, profound and humanist manner.

Inspired by the real story of the Spanish journalist José Antonio Gurriarán, “La Bomba” novel, Guediguian begins his story in Berlin, in 1921 with the Soghomon Tehlirian trial.

Papasian plays the leader of the Nemesis movement (Shahan Natali) in the first part of the film.

It was an interesting coincidence” he says “As I had just returned from New York, having directed Berdj Zeytountsian’s “All rise! The court is in session” paly dealing with the same subject, for the Greater New York Tekeyan Cultural Association. “But I guess the figure of Tehlirian could but inspire many artists during the 100th commemoration of the Genocide.”

“Guediguian succeeds masterfully to inform and explain in the most inclusive manner the story of the Genocide where many have failed. And he also manages to tell his story in a breathtaking suspense, a necessity for good filmmaking I’m proud to have been part of the film Merci Robert !! ”

From left, Robert Guédiguian , Ariane Ascaride, Rania Mellouli, Razane Jammal , Syrius ShahidiRobinson Stévenin and Gerald Papasian

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