Paul Krekorian Leads LA’s Sponsorship of Armenian Genocide Centennial Events



LOS ANGELES — Los Angeles City Councilmember Paul Krekorian is spearheading the city’s sponsorship of events commemorating the 100th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide. Krekorian, the first Armenian-American ever elected to the City Council, has introduced motions that show the city’s commitment to human rights and justice. The city is doing the following:

  • City Sponsorship of Events: Designating Armenian Genocide Centennial observance activities as official citywide special events.
  • “America We Thank You” Library Exhibit: Providing funding for and co-sponsoring the Armenian National Committee of America-Western Region’s “America We Thank You: An Armenian Tribute to Near East Relief” exhibit at the Los Angeles Central Library in March and April. The exhibit highlights the outpouring of generosity by the American people and government during and in the immediate aftermath of the Armenian Genocide.
  • March for Justice: Providing funding and support for the “March for Justice” on April 24 that begins in Little Armenia.
  • Street Banners Across the City: Providing street banners positioned around the city to promote the March for Justice.
  • Centennial Art Contest: Hosting the Centennial Art Contest with the winner’s artwork to be featured on city buses in April.
  • Turning City Hall Purple: Lighting City Hall’s façade in purple for the week of April 24 to symbolize the forget-me-not, the official emblem of the worldwide observance of the Armenian Genocide Centennial.
  • 100 Pomegranate Trees: Planting 100 pomegranate trees in parks throughout the city, including at City Hall.

“The City of Los Angeles is committed to recognizing the Armenian Genocide and educating people throughout the city about our continued struggle for justice,” said Krekorian. “There will be an extraordinary exhibit at the city’s Central Library that highlights America’s generous support for the Armenian people, along with banners advertising the ‘March for Justice’ across the city. Because of my efforts, we will also light City Hall in a purple glow to symbolize forget-me-nots, display art commemorating the centennial on city buses, and plant pomegranate trees throughout LA’s parks. This is an unprecedented commitment by Los Angeles to our community and to telling our story. I’m proud to have helped make it happen.”

Krekorian, chairman of the Budget and Finance Committee, represents Council District 2, which includes North Hollywood, Studio City, Valley Village and other communities in the east San Fernando Valley.


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