Ruins of Aleppo

Aleppo Pounded By Bombs



Armenians die in Aleppo

According to the Armenian Weekly, two Armenians died, Levon Cherchyan, who was wounded in an attack on Nor Kyough district on June 1, died on June 8 and Garo Asatryan, 32, died in a rocket attack on June 7.

Hakob Semerjyan and Paytsik Melkonyan-Cherchyan were wounded in a rocket attack on Suleimanie on June 7.

Armenia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs Spokesman Tigran Balayan expressed concern for the situation. “We strongly condemn the bombardment of Aleppo, the Armenian-populated district of Nor Kyugh over the last days, that caused the loss of lives and destruction. We are convinced that the main precondition for the progress in the resolution of Syrian crisis lies in immediate cessation of violence.”

Assistance organizations raised their voices and sought donations for the survivors. The Armenian Relief Society of Eastern United States expressed its grave concern and deep sadness today at the recent escalation in attacks on the Armenian neighborhoods of Aleppo, Syria, and condemned the violence. Several Armenians have been killed in the past week and sources in Syria say that over 60 mortar bombs have fallen in Armenian-populated areas. Thousands of Armenians have been left homeless in Aleppo and the area has been officially declared a disaster zone.

The Armenian General Benevolent Union (AGBU) issued a statement strongly condemning the situation and “the heinous attacks on Syrian Armenians who, since the start of the war, have continuously advocated for peace and tranquility. The violence against residential areas of Syrian Armenians, which began in Kessab in March and continues in the Nor Kyugh quarter and other Aleppo districts that are densely populated by Armenians, threaten the very existence of Armenians in the city, and their right to live safely and in dignity.”

The Armenian Relief Society Eastern Region chairwoman, Ani Attar, stressed the urgency of the situation. “Our hearts are breaking for our brothers and sisters in Syria, and we are praying for their safety. They are counting on us and we will do everything in our power to assist them, through your moral and financial support.”

To send donations, do so at Syrian Armenian Relief Fund, P.O. Box 1948, Glendale, CA 91209-1948 or

(Reports from Armenpress, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Amrenia and the Armenian Weekly were used to compile this story.)

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