Arthur Abraham Still a Hero


By Edmond Y. Azadian

DETROIT — The much-anticipated fight between Arthur Abraham and Andre Dirrell took place at the Joe Louis Arena in Detroit on March 27. The undefeated Armenian from Berlin, Germany was facing Michigan-native Dirrell.

To the credit of Armenians in Detroit we must say their show of support was tremendous. They were joined by a contingent of Armenians all the way from Los Angeles, Chicago and Toronto.

The huge arena was alive with the Armenia tri color. Dirrell’s local fans were equally enthusiastic but also intimidating. Had the outcome of the match been different, many Armenians, and some of the referees would not come out alive, despite tight security.

Abraham had won 31 matches, 25 with knockout and no losses. He played a very ethical game, knowing full well the intention of the hostile media and the fans.

Dirrell was more athletic and he was able to avoid Abraham’s punishing punches — that is until the 11th round, when he was exhausted and was running around the ring like a scared rabbit.

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Finally, Abraham cornered him and he was knocked down almost unconscious, when Abraham reached one for his finishing blow, while he was falling down. That was considered a penalty and he was disqualified.

Dirrell was taken to the hospital disoriented and doctors announced that he was being tested for brain damage. Though Dirrell was declared the “winner” of the match, Arthur Abraham is still a hero!

(Note: 337 articles appeared in the media on the fight, most biased against the “European.” This article aims to be more objective.)

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