DC Board Approves Armenian Genocide Museum Proposal


The Armenian Genocide Museum of America

WASHINGTON — In a public hearing on March 27, the Historic Preservation Review Board (HPRB), in a unanimous vote, gave concept approval for the Armenian Genocide Museum of America (AGMA).

The plans call for restoring the exterior of the historic bank building, modifying the interior to accommodate the museum exhibits and building a new glass structure next to the bank, which will be surfaced with native Armenian stone to complement the bank building.

HPRB Chairman Tersh Boasberg complimented AGMA and its team for their care in developing a project, “that’s what historic preservation is all about,” adding that AGMA’s plans for the structure to deal with
the Armenian Genocide were “exciting.”

Van Krikorian, chairman of the museum building and operations committee, stated that AGMA is excited about the project and is moving forward with special “sensitivity to the history of the building,” and stressed that AGMA wanted to preserve the historic building in which it will be housed, especially considering our experience from the Genocide and Armenians’ own sensitivity to preserving important historical structures.”

He thanked the HPRB and those who had contributed for their involvement and assistance.

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