Robyn Kalajian

This recipe from The Armenian Kitchen’s Robyn and Doug Kalajian for Detroit-Style Meat Boregs is adapted from a recipe by Dolly Matoian at St. John’s Women’s Guild in Southfield, Mich.[...]

“My entire family loves stuffed grape leaves (also known as sarma or yalanchi), but the process of stuffing the rice filling into finicky leaves can be tedious. The same goes[...]

Baghaj, Bagharj, Pagharch, Nazook, Katah: are they different or one in the same? This recipe is reprinted with permission from Robyn Kalajian at her essential Armenian food blog, Robyn[...]

WYCKOFF, N.J. — “My paternal great-grandmother Hajimom passed into her eternal rest when I was 8 months old,” says Ruth Bedevian. “Anna Najimian Bakalian is sleeping in Flower Hill Cemetery[...]

Ghapama is a great meatless option for the vegetarians in the family. This recipe and photos are courtesy of Robyn Kalajian at her essential Armenian food blog, “Ghapama (Armenian: ղափամա)[...]

This traditional Middle Eastern dessert recipe is from the late Alice Bezjian’s bestselling The Complete Armenian Cookbook published in 1983, and is reprinted courtesy of influential Armenian food blogger Robyn[...]

Robyn Kalajian from suggests these two traditional Lenten or Easter recipes: Armenian Chorag and Mahlab Cake.  Each contains mahlab (or mahlepi), an aromatic spice derived from the ground kernel[...]

BEIRUT — In April 2012, co-authors Aline Kamakian and Barbara Drieskens wrapped up a month-long, AGBU-coordinated tour across the U.S. and Canada to promote their widely acclaimed publication Armenian Cuisine.[...]

“In the Armenian Church, Lent is a time of joyfulness and purification through repentance. The Western Church’s less-strict Lenten practice excludes meat from the diet. The stricter Lenten diet of[...]

“My immigrant grandparents and American-born parents often served delicious eggplant and lamb dishes at our dinners in 1950s New Jersey,” says Robyn Kalajian. “Some of our family’s traditional recipes featured[...]