Topic: Choreg

FRESNO — Chorag, sometimes spelled choroeg, cheoreg, or chorek in English is a traditional Armenian sweet bread made around Easter and often at Christmas. This is the late Barbara Theresa Adishian’s prized Chorag with Golden[...]

TORONTO — “Armenians from around the world are busy making choreg at this time of year.  It’s a tradition to prepare this sweet, delicious bread at Easter, however we were lucky that our grandmother would make it throughout the[...]

Robyn Kalajian from suggests these two traditional Lenten or Easter recipes: Armenian Chorag and Mahlab Cake.  Each contains mahlab (or mahlepi), an aromatic spice derived from the ground kernel of the St. Lucie[...]

SOUTHFIELD, Mich. — Choreg is an Armenian specialty, especially baked at the holidays and for special occasions. For their annual Bazaar at St. John Armenian Church in Southfield, Michigan, the Women’s Guild bakes thousands of choreg[...]

SAN FRANCISCO — Steve Sharafian contributed this family recipe from his amazing food blog, A Serious Bunburyist. Choreg (no matter how it is spelled) is a family favorite in most Armenian households. It is the classic Easter bread that[...]