JERUSALEM — The Armenian Patriarchate of Jerusalem is a major property-owner in Jerusalem. Recently a controversy was sparked about plans of the Patriarchate to lease a piece of property for 99 years in order to build a hotel on what is[...]

As if Armenians did not have enough problems these days with the disastrous developments in Artsakh, we are now faced with a new controversy in the Diaspora. I have received dozens of phone calls and emails from Armenians in various[...]

The Armenian Patriarchate of Jerusalem is in a difficult position and is beset on all sides. Both Israelis and Arabs have their eyes on the valuable real estate owned by the patriarchate. The local Armenian population has declined over the[...]

By Razmig Bedirian PARIS ( — When Kegham Djeghalian stumbled upon three red boxes tucked away and forgotten in his father’s wardrobe in Cairo three years ago, he couldn’t believe his luck. The boxes contained the[...]

JERUSALEM ( — Three young Jewish men were arrested in Jerusalem following a mob attack on an Armenian priest. Fr. Arbak Sarukhanyan was attacked on his way to the Church of the Holy Sepulcher in Jerusalem. “Fr. Arbak was[...]

JERUSALEM  — Prof. Israel Charny, a longtime champion of recognition of the Armenian Genocide, is looking back at the uphill battle he has waged in his country for the recognition of that genocide, the cost to him personally and[...]

DETROIT — This holiday season was a little quieter than many people, especially Armenians, are used to. Due to Covid-19 and the shadow cast by the Artsakh War, the celebrations of the world have been toned down and especially that has[...]

Feast of Ashes, by Sato Moughalian Redwood/Stanford University Press, 2019 Reviewed by Christopher Atamian Special to the Mirror-Spectator Born in 1884 in the village of Mouradchai outside of Eskishehir in Western Anatolia, David[...]

JERUSALEM ( Public Radio of Armenia) —  For the first time since 1967, Israeli police have decided to fine a young man for spitting on an Armenian priest, Chancellor of the Armenian Patriarchate of Jerusalem Hovnan Baghdasryan reported[...]

JERUSALEM (Combined Sources) — On January 24, Prince Charles of Great Britain visited the Armenian Church of  the Nativity Church in Bethlehem. Prince Charles was welcomed by Archbishop Sevan Gharibian, the Canon Sacrist of the Armenian[...]