Topic: Armenian Patriarchate of Jerusalem

JERUSALEM (National Catholic Register) — In the shadow of the war in Gaza, attacks, abuses, and violations by radical groups and sometimes also by law enforcement are taking place and[...]

JERUSALEM — The Armenian community of the historic Armenian Quarter of Jerusalem officially filed a lawsuit on February 18 to invalidate the lease between the Armenian Patriarchate and Xana Capital,[...]

By Yolande Knell JERUSALEM (BBC News) — While Christmas may be a distant memory for many, the Armenians of Jerusalem only just held their annual celebration on January 19. This[...]

By Armen Sarkissian Large recent coordinated attacks against members of the Armenian community of Jerusalem are a matter of grave concern. These attacks have ranged from vandalism and destruction of[...]

The Lemkin Institute for Genocide Prevention has strongly condemned the recent brutal attack on the Armenian Quarter in East Jerusalem by armed mobs associated with an Israeli-Australian businessman Danny Rubenstein.[...]

JERUSALEM (Combined Sources) —  A massive and coordinated physical attack was launched on bishops, priests, deacons, seminarians and other Armenian community members in Jerusalem, Armenian Patriarchate of Jerusalem said in[...]

By Crispian Balmer JERUSALEM (Reuters/Combined Sources) — The heads of the Christian Churches in Jerusalem issued a rare joint appeal at the weekend, warning that a contested land deal could[...]

JERUSALEM (Save the ArQ, Armenian Patriarchate of Jerusalem) – On November 15, at around 4:30 p.m., a motorcade of settlers on 4×4 vehicles and motor bikes, which were by all[...]

By Thomas Helm JERUSALEM (The National) — Jerusalem’s Old City, which has been deserted since the Gaza War, just had its most significant explosion of anger since the recent conflict[...]