WASHINGTON – Near the end of the 19th century, at the American Euphrates College in Kharpert located on historical Armenian territory, student Avedis Zhamgochian, inspired by the ideas of liberty, wrote a poem that cherished freedom[...]

BURBANK, Calif. — This year GiniFest, the Armenian Wine and Spirits Festival, lived up to so many of the expectations that philanthropist Stepan Partamian and wine specialist and sommelier Anush Gharibyan-O’Connor set five years ago,[...]

WASHINGTON – On April 24, Cammi Rood from Chevy Chase, MD, was among the protestors at Sheridan Circle, Washington, D.C., demanding that the Turkish government recognizes the Armenian Genocide. Though with no Armenian roots, she wore[...]

BOSTON — While the concept of genocide is being constantly debated in international news due to the war between Russia and Ukraine, the Boston community commemorated the 107th anniversary of the commencement of the Armenian Genocide on[...]

STEPANAKERT – The Armenian Mirror-Spectator continues its collaboration with colleagues from Artsakh’s Public TV Company. The videos prepared by reporters of Nagorno-Karabakh cover the debates at Artsakh’s parliament,[...]

NEW YORK – Nearly 18 centuries have passed from the day when Hripsime, Gayane, and other Christian virgins, escaping from Rome’s persecution, settled down in Armenia. The representation of the role of women in Armenian history[...]

WATERTOWN — Wherever Armenians have established communities in corners of the world distant from their homeland, they have built churches. After that, in many places come schools. Museums are another way of preserving and presenting[...]

WASHINGTON — Korean characters known as hangul, Arabic abjad from right to left, German, British, Austrian, American and other websites, and endless Instagram and Facebook pages connected with nearly five dozen countries worldwide[...]

YEREVAN — If you like jazz and live in Yerevan then you have probably been present at Arman Mnatsakanyan’s gigs or simply know his name. Chances are that his energetic beats wake you up every morning on Armenian Public TV. Even if you[...]

An Armenian actor acting as Ambassador Henry Morgenthau reads cables from various American sources that relate the realities of the Armenian massacres. Another man, acting as American diplomat Leslie Davis, photographs the violent scenes[...]

WASHINGTON — On December 7, 1988, after learning about the earthquake in Armenia, then leader of the Soviet Union Mikhail Gorbachev interrupted his visit to the United States to fly back to the USSR. Gorbachev informed his American[...]