Senator Bob Menendez (D-NJ), Chairman of the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations

‘We can make that bitter winter better’: Senator Menendez Calls for More Robust Humanitarian Assistance for Artsakh Refugees


WASHINGTON — Senator and ranking member of the Foreign Affairs Committee Robert Menendez believes that when “we guard against Genocide, when we prevent ethnic cleansing, when we speak out against atrocities, we uphold America’s standing as a global force for good.” Countries that observe human rights of its people are less likely to create conflict with other countries.

For that purpose, the ranking senator from New Jersey took the podium on November 13 and called for robust assistance to Armenia and the people of Artsakh. He called for a halt to US assistance to Azerbaijan. He vowed to not rest until a full accounting of the atrocities against the Armenian people is completed.

“This year alone the Armenian people suffered through a ten-month siege, a lightning military campaign that killed hundreds of civilians and the forced departure of tens of thousands of residents from their homes. these refugees need our help, and they need it now. With temperatures poised to drop during the brutal winter months in the mountainous region, newly displaced residents will need food, shelter and essential services,” Menendez said, calling for more substantial humanitarian assistance.

“We can make that bitter winter better,” added the legislator in the final part of the statement.

The video segment below, downloaded from C-Span, presents the 12 minute statement by Senator Menendez.

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