Topic: Architecture

WATERTOWN — Architect Arto Kurkjian has been working with Ashot Grigorian in Yerevan, who is the director of the Architecture Museum, about assembling the names of Boston area Armenian architects[...]

WASHINGTON — There are three top-tier hotels near the White House built by an Armenian-American architect. What are now St. Regis and Sofitel, as well as Hay Adams, along with[...]

BOSTON — Arto Kurkjian has been selected for the Boston Architectural College (BAC) Alumni Selfless Labor Award. The award ceremony will be held on the evening of November 8 at[...]

WORCESTER, Mass. — Last April, three architectural engineering students from Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) submitted their design for a modular home project for Artsakh war refugees as their major qualifying[...]

CARROLLTON, Texas — The new Saint Sarkis Armenian Church, 4421 Charles Street, in Carrollton, Texas, designed by award-winning New York architect David Hotson, AIA, will be consecrated on April 23,[...]

WATERTOWN — Nare Filiposyan is a woman on a mission to save the last remnants of one of the oldest Armenian crafts from oblivion: traditional stone masonry. The craft, which[...]

BOSTON — On March 24, the Tekeyan Cultural Association Greater Boston Chapter will host a virtual presentation and Q&A session with Armenian architectural designer and researcher Nare Filiposyan. Filiposyan, in[...]

OSNABRÜCK, Germany — The aim of the Young Turk leaders in organizing the genocide was to rid the country of the Armenians, as a population and a culture. They determined to[...]

FRESNO — Society for Armenian Studies (SAS) member, Jirair Christianian, has launched a new website dedicated to the churches, monasteries, fortifications and other architecture of the Armenian, Greek, Georgian, Syriac,[...]