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(NOTE: The identity of the author is known to the Mirror-Spectator)

We are a deeply traumatized nation. What is needed to overcome this condition is pride and no further humiliation.

We are paying a heavy price for the incompetence, lack of vision, lack of political culture, not to mention the corruption of the successive ruling classes of Armenia since 1991.

As most Armenians live outside Armenia, a major mistake of Armenia’s political leadership was to exclude them in the development of our little, land-locked and largely underdeveloped country. Irrespective of whether some Armenians abroad are disengaged from what is happening, there is a wealth of individuals in the diaspora who are highly-skilled, globally minded and utterly invested. These people have been substantially underutilized by Armenia’s public institutions, all the while few nations can claim such a diverse international network. Taking into consideration that under Soviet times, the country was cut off to a great extent from the outside world, other than the ruling class’ hubris, nothing else explains this lack of integration.

Since 1991, we have done virtually everything wrong and the consequences are in front of us.

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After the victory of the first war with Azerbaijan, there were basically two strategies to be applied

  1. a) to negotiate from a position of strength, Artsakh versus conquered territories


  1. b) to arm strongly.

Neither one of these options were pursued.

Meanwhile, Azerbaijan had pursued a considerable growth path across the board: both economically  and politically.

People familiar with geopolitics know well how extensive the presence of American , English , Israeli and Turkish secret services is in Baku. Not to mention that while Aliyev is authoritarian, he is also highly ingenious and pragmatic. He graduated with a PhD from the best international relations School (MGIMO) in Moscow. and is well versed in dealing  with the Russians and.. the west.

Major powers have different priorities and if need be, they are indifferent to the fate of the small ones.. thus, when necessary, they will not hesitate to crush them.

The incumbent chief of MI6 (British secret service) is both fluent in Turkish and Turcophile, BP’s (British Petroleum Company) investments in Azerbaijan are substantial and it is no secret that MI6 collaborates very closely with BP.

For the US, petroleum in Azerbaijan is important but even more important is its foreign policy against Russia. As a reminder, according to both the Rand Corporation (the Pentagon’s thinktank) and Zbignew Brzezinski (national security advisor of different US administrations) there were / are three major points to weaken Russia: Ukraine , Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan.

The last one failed as it was thwarted by the Russians after another ‘Orange Revolution’. Ukraine is at war and on the contrary to western mainstream media narrative, Kiev is losing very badly.

In the case of Azerbaijan: both the west and the Russians are doing whatever necessary to keep this country on their side.

As for Israel, its presence in Azerbaijan is far-reaching, especially with its bases on the Iranian border and the presence of the Mossad (Israeli secret services) across the country. The sale of arms to Baku, including high caliber drones, amounts to billions of dollars while Tel Aviv buys 40 % of its petroleum needs from Azerbaijan.

Furthermore, Azerbaijan has widespread influence in Washington through the use of multiple expensive public relations firms and its close ties to the pro-Israel lobby ensures that the public image of this – very – authoritarian regime is presented under a “neutral” angle to the international public.

Last but not least is Baku’s extremely close relationship with Ankara, Turkey which has been a NATO member since 1952. The US military disposes of a very important air base in Incirli, near Adana and Turkey remains today a crucial US strategic ally.

It is by looking into all these considerations that we can understand the unfortunate destiny, and let’s call it by its name, the ethnic cleansing of the people of Artsakh, against a background of general indifference.

Artsakh is gone and now what about Armenia? Armenia (and Armenians, especially in the US) should always keep in mind its geography, which is surrounded with hostile forces.
Unless it is able to switch its position with Switzerland, in the midst of Europe, there are basically two countries which can help: Russia and Iran. If Armenia is to survive in its present environment, people in Yerevan and the diaspora should keep this in mind at all times.

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