United Nations, Armenian-Americans protest deliberate starvation actions as genocidal by Azerbaijan leader Aliyev, against ethnic Armenians in their homeland of Artsakh (photo Ken Martin)

Armenians Protest Outside UN Headquarters


NEW YORK — About 200 protesters from around the United States and Canada filled Dag Hammarskjold Plaza at the United Nations in New York, for a rally titled “Open the Road Lachin Corridor for Artsakh,” on Sunday, August 20.

Armenian protestors (photo Ken Martin)

The demonstration took place four days after a UN Security Council meeting on the situation in Artsakh, called for by the Republic of Armenia. The Lachin Corridor has been blocked by Azerbaijan since December 2022, leading to severe shortages of every vital need, including food and medicines.

Demonstrators, young and old, carried homemade signs expressing their emotions about the situation, and carried American, Armenian and Artsakh Republic flags, as they met and talked together and listened to speakers who reported on the situation and let their demands to the UN be known, especially to force the Azerbaijan regime to open the road for relief supplies to pass through and save the 120,000 residents some of whom have expired from malnutrition. Speakers demanded airlifts of food and medical supplies and other necessities begin immediately.

Donald Wilson Bush speaking (photo Ken Martin)

Donald Wilson Bush fired up the crowd and led chants to open the road and lift the blockade and hold an airlift, to the people of Artsakh. Wilson Bush leads the Armenian National Association and is a descendent of Woodrow Wilson. Other speakers included Gayane Hovhannisyan from Canada, a physician and Associate Medical Officer of Health at the Region of Peel Public Health in Toronto and Karine Kocharyan, producer at Voice of Armenians TV of NY. Saboo Aghababyan from Massachusetts spoke about the importance of solidarity with regards to the grim situation in Artsakh and the need to keep up the pressure on the international community and the United Nations.

Dr. Gayane Hovhannisyan (photo Ken Martin)

Donald Wilson Bush is seen in the video below.

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