Serzh Sargsyan

Serzh Sargsyan Issues Victory Day Message


YEREVAN ( — Armenia’s third President Serzh Sargsyan issued a message on Victory and Peace Day marked on May 9. The full message appears below.

“Now, when the former glorious victories of the Armenian Army won in the liberation war have been treacherously wasted, the Army is disrespected, and peace is a target for the enemy snipers, the  glorification of Victory and Peace Day might look like irony, irony toward our own people and the state.

Under these circumstances it is only STRUGGLE that must be glorified, the heroic deeds of our martyrs, the relentless warriors who STRUGGLE for freedom and independence of our Fatherland must be glorified.

Glory to those who once created victories  and will create new victories again.

Gratitude and appreciation to the heroic generation of our fathers and grandfathers, who as a part of the multinational army, 78 years ago, in the Great Patriotic War cast a mortal blow to fascism and decided the outcome of the war, rejecting violence and barbarism.”

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